Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisfied people who wear hearing aids. Here is a sample of a few of those people.

Patient Testimonials

“A big Thank You for your guiding my mom thru the process of new hearing aids and the fittings and selections.  She can interact with everyone and is enjoying actually hearing what’s going on around her. We (her family) didn’t realize how much hearing loss there was and how much she had “retreated” from interacting with everyone”.
-P.B.  Georgia, VT

“The staff are so very helpful and never act like we’re bothering them”
-J.K.  St. Albans

“Life is more pleasant and comfortable.  We are all happier.”
-R. N.  Enosburg, VT

“I feel like I went from the volkswagon to the cadillac”
-L. H. St. Albans, VT (patient response to his new hearing aids compared to his old ones)