Northwest Hearing Services, P.C.
32 Mapleville Depot
Saint Albans, Vermont 05478


Phone: (802) 524-0839
Fax: (802) 527-0865


Walk-in hours for hearing aid repairs/trouble-shooting are available daily.

Monday 8:30-4:30
Tuesday 8:30-4:30
Wednesday By Appointment
Thursday 8:30-4:30

Northwest Hearing Office Building Front Entrance

Hearing Test - Northwest Hearing's Sound Proof Testing Booth

What To Expect

Everyone is a little nervous the first time they visit someplace new. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

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Hearing Aids

The truth, if you are hearing impaired, you will benefit from wearing hearing aids, period.

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We are a very social group. Give us 5 minutes of free time and we can often be found clustered around the front desk talking to each other or to anyone who will listen to us. And that is precisely why we are doing what we do today. Nothing would create a greater void in our lives than the inability or diminished ability to join in a conversation. And we are passionate about making sure that we fix that problem for everyone who comes our way. Please meet Our Family….we hope you become the newest member very soon.